Can I have my order delivered to a different address?

Yes. When you place your order you can add a different delivery address. If the invoice address is different to the delivery address the invoice will always be sent to the billing address.

How do your heavy duty poly tarps compare to the ones sold by the hardware stores such as Bunnings Warehouse, Mitre 10 etc?

There is no real comparison - it is a bit like comparing chalk and cheese. Most hardware retailers only stock poly tarps in small light duty sizes whereas our range goes up to 21m x 12m and 15m x 15m in the extra heavy duty grade and 15m x 9m in our new premium super heavy duty grade and we are confident that you will not find this grade available anywhere else in Australia.

How do your prices compare with other retailers?

Not only do you get better value for your dollar from the additional features of our tarps, most importantly our prices are 25% cheaper as well! Our premium super heavy duty tarps are around a massive 295gsm and up to 50% cheaper than custom made tarps out of a similar grade of material.

How heavy duty is your heavy duty?

Our heavy duty tarps are around 230gsm material wheras most retailers carry tarps which are either 190gsm (falsely described as heavy duty) and in some instances others which are 205gsm.Additionally our heavy duty grade tarps have reinforced triangle patches on every eyelet on all four sides for additional strength and you won't find this feature elsewhere.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Normally from two to five days depending on your delivery location. East Coast metropolitan addresses are the quickest whereas rural or country locations take the longest.

How much will my delivery cost?

For simplicity we have only three freight rates - $16.50 per consignment for all consignments up to 25kg in weight, $27.50 for consignments weighing between 25kg and 50kg, and$47.50 for all consignments over 50kg in weight.

The freight is automatically calculated when you proceed with a purchase but you can check what this cost will be as the weights of all tarps is shown in the "details" section.